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CHASER | Model 1

Chaser model 1 is the perfect shoe when introducing a quick lacing system in combination with performance. It targets orienteers and trail runners who want to have a comfortable shoe without compromising on the performing aspects of grip and durability. All components on the shoe, from the configuration of the quick lacing system to the sole pattern are the direct result of deep theoretical studies mixed with the long experience from orienteering in the development team.


Upper: Recycled Polyester, PU & TPU
Midsole: EVA
Outsole: Natural rubber with or without metal studs
Last: Narrow
Weight (US9): Appr. 230-260g
Drop: 4mm

Design features

The fingerwraps system that wraps the sock ensures perfect fit.

Sock construction

The first comfort bringing feature on the shoe is the sock-like construction, where the ultra-durable textile is stitched together with an elastic section over the wrist. This makes the first feeling of the shoe like sliding into a pair of socks!

The fingerwraps system that wraps the sock ensures perfect fit.

Securing wraps

To complement the sock-fit, the shoe is equipped with the securing wraps enclosing around the foot. The wraps are pulled by the closure system, meeting the respectively eyelets from the lateral side of the foot. The fingers are carefully placed to cover all the tension areas of the foot, adapting to the movements, and securing the foot in place. Compared to traditional laces, the wraps and quick lacing system avoid strains and knife sharp pressures on critical areas of the foot.

the innovative lacing system of the chaser orienteering shoe

Quick lacing system

The most unique feature of the shoe is the closure system. To make this kind of system work on a shoe exposed for the rough terrain of orienteering, the placement of the rotating house is of highest importance. The choice of construction enables the dial house to be placed on top of the foot, sheltered from critical hits from branches or stones. The positioning is verified and used on 25+ orienteering competitions and 50+ orienteering trainings with no documented issues. However, if the dial or laces against all odds were to break, these are replacable with repair-kit.

the innovative lacing system of the chaser orienteering shoe

Sole & Pattern

The sole pattern is probably the most carefully designed pattern on the market. With base in analysis of science within the fields of trail running, up & downhill running, football traction, as well as field tests and experience analysis of orienteering, the pattern and studs are placed and shaped to provide traction in 360°. The studs are also smartly placed to avoid pressure to sensitive parts of the foot. Between the midsole and outsole, an extra layer of reinforcement is placed, creating a shield protecting the foot from penetration from rocks and sharp objects in the forest. We know that different terrain demands different traction. We are offering two different tractions, one sole with metal studs and one sole with super grippy rubber. The sole pattern is the same, only difference is that the metal studs are removed, and the rubber characteristics are changed to support better traction stud-less. The studs we use are with carbide steel tip.

the innovative lacing system of the chaser orienteering shoe


The mudguard is running all around the foot. This layer of protection is designed to bend smoothly with curves placed correctly in the flex zone, preventing "self-cutting" into the textile. The thickness is thick enough to provide protection, but thin enough to not compromise with comfort, with an extra reinforcement over the toes. The heel counter reinforcement is shaped as an "U", which means the at the tip of the heel, where most people have issues with abrasion and aches, is soft. Although, the heel is still stabilized on the sides where the reinforcement is raising up, creating a stable yet comfortable fit.

the innovative lacing system of the chaser orienteering shoe


Materials on shoes are the most demanding part when talking about sustainability, where production causes the greatest source of green-house emissions. This shoe is using a large number of recycled content, where the majority of the upper is created with recycled content.

the innovative lacing system of the chaser orienteering shoe


The colours are chosen to the purpose, get dirty! With a black base, the shoes will adapt no matter what dirt will get on them, and with accent colours, the shoes get the identity of progress. There will be one colour for metal studded version, and one for the rubber version.