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No more pain, just excellent and comfortable performance. It is time to make a change and start the chase towards comfort & fit instead of aches & blisters. We are very proud to introduce Chaser to the orienteers. The next innovative step is taken for shoes required for the most demanding sport out there.

Developed and designed by top athletes and with data from over 100 orienteers, the shoe is made to excel in the extreme environments of orienteering.

Henrik Johannesson recommends the Chaser orienteering shoe

"One of Chaser's best features is that the lacing system helps the shoe to be fantastically flexible and maintains its even pressure around the entire foot. Despite running in demanding terrain that puts high demands on the shoes, it fits like a glove. The solution also counteracts the problem of traditional shoelaces that easily go up." - Henrik Johannesson
Swedish National team runner
Jukola winner

Why is chaser unique?

For too long comfort have been overseen in the orienteering community, even though over 80% of the orienteers values comfort & fit as the number one criterion for their orienteering shoes. The Chaser shoes are specifically designed to give top comfort to the user yet keeping performance at absolute top level.

  • chaser orienteering shoe from front
  • chaser orienteering shoe from front
  • chaser orienteering shoe from front
  • chaser orienteering shoe from front
  • chaser orienteering shoe from front
  • chaser orienteering shoe from front
  • chaser orienteering shoe from front
  • chaser orienteering shoe from front
Anders Pettersson really likes the chaser orienteering shoe

"Chaser is a shoe I really want to recommend to everyone, fit and comfort I have not felt before in an orienteering shoe. Compliant and flexible in the forest, which gives you a good feeling when you run. No strings that need to be tied, which makes it easy to put on and remove. An obvious choice if you need a new shoe experience!" - Anders Pettersson
Recreational runner

Comfort & Performance

The innovative quick lacing system combined with the sock-construction and securing wraps enables for a perfect fit. The components are smartly placed to secure the shoe tightly to the foot without creating tensions or bad pressure on critical areas of the foot.

  • Even and adapted pressure over the foot.
  • Easily adjusted laces with mm precision.
  • No more tape on shoelaces.

Even though it is comfortable, Chaser is a high performing shoe when it comes to traction and durability. The sole comes in two versions: One with metal studs and one with only rubber. The design of the outsoles is made with a thorough analysis of grip-characteristics, resulting in the sole pattern creating grip in all directions no matter the surface, running uphill, downhill or traversing a steep mountain side.

The low profile of the sole with 4 mm drop gives an extra tight ground control.

The shoe is made of durable materials with low absorption properties, making the shoe perfect for rough races in tough terrains, keeping the swift feeling.

For more details, check out ABOUT THE SHOE

The chaser orienteering shoe seen from the side.
Line Cederberg loves the chaser orienteering shoe

"I love the Chaser! The innovative lacing is super quick, easy and it keeps your shoes tied. With Chaser you never worry about your laces during a race. My experience of the Chaser orienteering shoe is a tight and flexible fit, nicely following the movement of your feet. This makes it perfect for running on trails and in demanding terrain." - Line Cederberg
Danish National team runner

Easy to use

Lacing your shoes have never been easier. Just slide into the shoe, turn the dial, and tighten your shoe with millimetre precision without annoying pressure points from traditional laces. Do you want to adjust after warmup or during your run? Just turn the dial according to your preferences. With this shoe, you don't have to worry about your shoelaces getting untied, and you don't need to make triple knots with tape on top.

The chaser orienteering shoe seen from the side.
Max-Peter Bejmer raves about the comfort of the Chaser orienteering shoe

"The chaser shoe is one of the best shoes I have run in. This is due to the incredibly good fit, it feels like the shoe enclose the foot. Even under great strain thechaser orienteering shoe stays in place. I also experience that the top and sole of the shoe is made from solid materials which protect the foot from sharp stones and sticks." - Max-Peter Bejmer
Swedish National team runner
Jukola & 10-mila winner